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Our 1,000 square foot studio is available for rental to qualified photographers. Studio includes makeup / changing area as well as comfortable seating area for cleints / guests.  Pricing is available upon request.

The studio is conveniently located less than a mile from the "B3" exit of I-90, on the NY/MA  border in West Stockbridge, MA.

We have a variety of furniture and prop options that are included with the studio rental.  In addition, the following equipment is available, at extra charge, for use within the studio:

  • 6 AlienBees Einstein E640 monolights

  • 2 AlienBees B800 monolights

  • 1 AlienBees ABR800 ringflash

  • 1 White beauty dish (with grid)

  • 1 Large octobox

  • 1 Medium octobox

  • 1 Medium softbox (with egg crates)

  • 2 medium Stripboxes (with egg crates)

  • 2 Large Stripboxes (with egg crates)

  • Optical snoot with numerous gobos

  • Large V Flats

  • Seamlesss in white, grey, black and various other colors

  • Radio triggers

  • Various grids, barn doors, reflectors and other light modifiers

  • Wardrobe (female), wigs and numerous fashion accessories

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